Verity Germer

Black Sheep



london / United Kingdom


Royal College of art (RCA)

Graduation year


My work is inspired by comfortable tangible spaces and objects and the balanced interaction
between disparate materials. Inspired by the visual and descriptive language of manual
makers my work reflects the relationship between the maker and the made. An intuitive
relationship between form, function and tactility is always present. Using understated
techniques to highlight the beauty of the item, emphasis is placed on visceral forms and
surfaces, which intrigue the viewer and traditional knitwear systems are applied through
other practices. The viewer is encouraged to interact with the varied surfaces through the
treatment of the material, which encourages the curiosity of the viewer and add to the
wearer’s experience. Therefore by facilitating a more emotional connection, the alienation
often found in luxury fashion is eliminated. All elements are fully fashioned to reduce waste
and the structure is integrally knitted into the garments to reduce multiple process
construction. A slower, more considered process is achieved with techniques that are,
however, easily commercialised. I aim to avoid the over intellectualization of the work to
allow a more personal connection to the garments and therefore a nepenthean value.

Latest Collection