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Grey Sheep


los angeles / united states


fashion institute of design & merchandising

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VENIA is Fashion-Tech.

VENIA // Ancient Latin For Grace
NOUN: Elegance And Beauty Of Form, Manner, Motion, Or Action.

VENIA is a concept contemporary Mens and Womenswear Label designed for the modern entrepreneur. We inspire confidence and power with our combination of sleek style and unisex utilitarianism.
VENIA commits to fully integrating Modern Technology with Sustainable Apparel Manufacturing. We design and develop clothes that look great, feel amazing, and perform seamlessly. We leverage advancements in Virtual Reality and 3D Printing to push the possibilities of clothing, while using only 100% sustainable fibers to curate the best possible product for both you and the environment.
We produce ethically and locally in Los Angeles and oversee every single process that goes into the making of your clothes. Crafted with care, designed with vision–Direct to You.

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