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prishtina / kosovo


esmod - paris

Graduation year


veneramustafa was founded in Prishtina in 2011 by the designer of the same name.
A characteristic of Venera Mustafa’s designs is the complex interweaving of minimal shapes with hints and elements of traditional clothes from the region introducing her seasonal collections by setting a mood through her use of vibrant colours, all over prints, laser cuts, and at times very sculpturally shaped pieces.
Laboured construction forms the centre of the design ethos, which embraces an uncompromising attention to finishing and textiles. The design process begins with sampling and is focused on handwork and engineered surfaces. This attention to ‘surface’ is a key aspect of the design process and largely informs how a garment interacts with the movement of the female body. Through the resurrection of lost, forgotten or little-used techniques, incorporating them into now day shapes, hopes to raise a respect for construction rather than decoration and bring a new dimension to a rather young fashion scene in Prishtina.
Venera Mustafa holds a degree in sculpture, graduated from Faculty of Arts of Prishtina in 2004 and fashion design, from University group ESMOD Paris in 2008.

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