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Passionate by art and fashion, Elizabeth has always created artistic works resembling her. Whether in painting, sculpture or any other art field and even clothing design, we find this pure mind, graphic design, so prominent in what she loves. She was able to trace his way through her experiences to achieve her purpose, combine her artistic and technical qualities in order to create unique and character products. "I am constantly looking for a balance between the shapes and volumes to sublimate creations"

2008: Plastic art degrees at Bordeaux faculty. After three years in studying art history and philosophy, undertaking numerous artworks and researches.
Wishing put into practice her artistic and technical qualities into a fashion trade, Elisabeth decided to pursue in jewellery industry.

2009: Holds a certificate of professional competence in the art of jewelry and gems. After a year of training at the Jewelry Institute of Saumur, she got all the necessary gestures and know-how of all the various jewelery manufacturing techniques.

2009: Velizance brand was created, Elisabeth founded the company. She was beginning with a unique collection of personalisable pieces in silver and in gold. During three years she will have been improving her drawing techniques and manufacturing techniques. At the same time, she will have been opening a jewelry shop up to the launching of her first collection.

2012: Release of the first Velizance collection. This will include three ranges “silver”, “resin silver” and “stones with silver”. A lovely graphic and geometric design and also very sleek lines: this was the first main approach for this first collection signed by VELIZANCE.

2014: Release of the second Velizance collection. Elisabeth worked more rounded shapes, the gold silver also, keeping this spirit of volume and a very graphic design. This collection aims to be very vanguard and also fashion.

Due to a combination of designer name and surname, was born the name of VELIZANCE. In this name comes the idea of chic and is the essence of Elisabeth’s design. She constantly wishes to highlight all these things in his creations. This range is designed for women of character loving elegance but also the originality, the large jewelry design and shine of sleek forms. Velizance wants constantly looking for new designs in order to keep this pioneering spirit.

With an unrelenting attention to detail, each VELIZANCE jewlery is made very carefully, combining handcrafted design with manufacture by new technologies. In order to produce high quality jewelry as VELIZANCE expectations nothing is left to chance, every manufacture steps is controlled, all the material are selected with great care, each jewelry is stamped “VELIZANCE” certifying that’s an original. All VELIZANCE products are in silver on high-end market position.

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