velika hartono

Black Sheep


hong kong / Hong Kong SAR


Raffles Design Institute (Hong Kong)

Graduation year


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VELIKA HARTONO is a young independent fashion designer. Her first collection is emerging ready-to-wear with Avant-garde. The collection has been launched in Hong Kong in 2018.

Inspirations usually come from her knowledge and experiences by watching documentaries and books. Exploring a different kind of cultures and awareness that challenge the theoretical expression of society and identity.

VELIKA HARTONO is specialised in conceptual style for womenswear and also offering bespoke garments for customers who are willing to experiment with their clothing. With the belief that there is more under the surface, the designer often makes an experimental art, mixing media, and connecting to fashion in order to create something unique, which outline the aesthetics of the brand.

The brand goal is to encourage customers to advance their knowledge and join with the designer's vision to push the limits of fashion, textiles, and design.

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