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Velasco based in Chaco, Argentina, is the commitment to rescue the local roots and the ancestral knowledge of the immigrant legacy of the peoples. It is a universe of regional natural riches that are linked to transcend and sew designs at a slow pace in harmony with the earth. They are the shared experiences of doing, joy, a respite and difference. It is the past that reinvents itself in the experimentation of new techniques to give value to what is done by hand. It is the beauty of the simple that invites to share shared experiences.
We work under the concept of co-creation with an inter-disciplinary team. The main axis value our biodiverse culture and abundant underlying mixture.
We take elements, materials and techniques from the region and re-sign them from the formal: morphologies inspired by work garments, raw material of the territory such as 100% Chaqueño cotton canvas, Paraguayan aopoi, denim and recovered textiles, artisan techniques such as silkscreen, patchwork with discards from the same collection, embroidery, ñanduti, weaving, making, thermo-fusion, recovering material out of circulation (plastics and orange nets), digital and traditional illustration.

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