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vilnius / lithuania

I am Arturas Solovejus. A founder of veimotti jewellery. Actually I got bachelors degree in Politics science, but one day noticed a bracelet on one woman's wrist.
This looked like a simple bracelet, but it was so delicate, minimal and so charming, that for a few days I couldn't get this bracelet out of my head. This bracelet was so beautiful, that I wanted to make it as a gift for my girlfriend, unfortunately I had no.. And do not know how, but I started to check for more jewellery, check how it's made and realised how important jewellery is in women's everyday. In that moment I came up with a motto "Clothes cover the body, but jewellery uncovers the soul" and it became motto of veimotti.
Months passed and I decided to create my own jewellery brand and design my own jewellery. A jewellery brand for women with sophisticated-preppy style. For woman who is adventurous and always seeks for opportunities in her life. She moves forward and is independant! veimotti is a woman who looks in sophisticated style, "womanish" maniers, but in her mind winds are mixing!

This is a story of me, of one bracelet who changed my entire life and of my passion for veimotti jewellery brand!

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