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VALULI is a family brand built by the creators, Andrus and Ksenia who are passionate about the design. Meaningful design. Our philosophy is based not only on creating beautifully made limited collections, but also to inspire to surround yourself with unique timeless accessories. There are carefully created things, that are longterm stylish and classic.

It was a magnificent time in Paris that spurred the idea for VALULI necklace. On this trip co-founder of VALULI Andrus was strolling in the Gardens of Versailles, when he suddenly felt inspired by the lonely monument on the other side of the lake. It stood there alone in the center so naturally and has given a certain majestic mood to the Garden itself. On the way back home Andrus asked his spouse about that most important accessory in her wardrobe. Ksenia said she always wanted to have a necklace so that she never have to buy any trendy one to her various dresses.
After returning from the trip, Andrus and Ksenia decided to make the most ideal necklace in the world. First step was quite obvious - to get through the history of necklaces. This is important, because you just can't create something, without a proper research. From Ancient times to most popular stars of classical Hollywood cinema. From the history of Crowns up to entire Vogue catalogue. That was another trip to understanding of what would make their necklace timeless. They were eager to make a unique accessory that will make women shine like Hollywood stars. One of a kind necklace that will emphasise their status, individuality and sensuality.

In the result they finally got their concept of timeless necklace design. What was so unique about Gardens of Versailles? The power of ideal harmony and nature patterns. What about the plant? Well, for three thousands years Olive is still a symbol of power and peace. Feeling inspired by the beauty of Olive tree and so many classic accessories, combining all the finest qualities and proportions slowly, but surely a divine necklace emerged. Light-weighted collar neckpiece with the sparkling leaves gently showing the beauty of neckline.
VALULI necklace is without any doubt suitable for every occasion. Regardless if you are attending an opera night, wedding, just a dinner or enjoying a sunny day during your mediterranean trip - it is a beautiful companion.
Both versions of the necklace are specially designed and developed so they perfectly go with V-neck dress or just a shirt. Ksenia finally achieved what she always wanted - never to think about what necklace to wear with the dress - she had exquisite unique necklace VALULI.

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