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Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Ogechukwu Dike grew up with a unique taste for life and art. Oge, as his friends call him, developed a strong interest for design early on in life and found himself channeling that passion in various ways; from architecture to airplanes. The complex developments and science behind how planes flew greatly interested him and this reflected on his eclectic nature. This fascination for flight led him to start collecting aviation magazines and designing his own airplanes and airports from the age of six. Taking his passion to university, Oge received his Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Sheffield and a Masters in Air Transport Management from Coventry University, England.

At the age of 16 however, Oge began to channel his design instincts through fashion and he developed a strong interest in haute couture. This new interest introduced him to a world where he could express his creativity in a way that combined his love for function and beauty and thus Valpiet was born. Valpiet is an avant-garde luxury men’s and women’s clothing line with a quirky undertone. It revolves around the idea of elegance grounded in modern reality, an innovative style with a connection to the grandeur of the past. Just as it is critical in aerospace engineering, at Valpiet, significant emphasis is placed on precise detailing and functional aesthetics, making the pieces truly state of the art. Valpiet balances quality with creativity and never sacrifices one for the other. This concept is illustrated in the logo, which consists of a negative and positive sign bound together by a rope, showing how both sides of the spectrum are needed to create equilibrium.

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