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Valentini was born in Athens, Greece, where she lived most of her life. Her undergraduate studies include accessories & footwear design, fashion styling and theoretical environmental studies.
In 2011 she awarded the Special Award for the creativity and technical skills regarding to her ‘NewsPaper Pumps’ collection for Athens New Designers Fashion Week and in 2012 she made the Athens Fashion week red pumps collection for the fashion designer Maria Tagalou.
Valentini has been working for 2 years as freelancer designer and for 1 year as footwear designer in one of the most important greek footwear companies with more than 45 shops across the country, when she was offered a place for a Master course in London College of Fashion. Her MA Final collection is inspired by Ancient Greek Civilization and, at the same time, its construction is taken from ancient Greek footwear methodologies. Additionally, a key element of the collection development, was the Colors, with combinations potentially affecting our mood in a positive way -as it was also stated at her dissertation survey that has been responded by more than 550 women. You can find out more about her Master Collection on
Αfter her graduation in 2014 Valentini took some extra millinery courses at Kensington & Chelsea College and then she decided to make her dream reality so her own brand full of handmade, colourful , unique and high quality shoes and accessories will be launched in 2015.
Her shoes are exciting, fresh and daring and they represent her battle with monochrome-ism and boredom when it comes to how we dress our feet.
Her dissertation subject was formalized when she noticed that we instinctively become happier when we are surrounded by vivid, colorful fashion items but we choose to wear dark or 'boring' clothes and shoes. This is more important than one may think and can be put in a larger context of social behaviour, with consequences for sexuality, ethnicity, gender etc. Think about it: every person is unique and we should celebrate that uniqueness by choosing our personal style. Instead, we tend to conform to what is socially acceptable, by lack of self-confidence and fear that others will judge us.
600 women took part on her dissertation survey and the majority believed that colours reflect our mood and that wearing them or seeing someone else wearing them can cheer us up. However, most of the participants said that they wear mostly black or monochromatic clothes and shoes. Therefore, Valentini thinks it is time for designers, stylists, fashion journalists and bloggers, but also for each and every one of us, to educate people on how to accept, support and promote diversity. Not only concerning our dressing style, but every aspect of our personality. So, the brand focuses on filling with color our 'feet' and its aim is to 'underline' our diversity through vivid colours and unusual colors combinations!

Her Thesis project can be found on the prestigious Virtual Shoe Museum website and pairs from various callections (including her Master collection) have been showcased in museums like Northampton Shoe Museum (UK) , Spielzeug Welten Museum (Basel, Switzerland) etc.

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