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berlin / germany

Valentiné was founded in 2014.
The founder Valentina Wally Späth made her Master of Shoe Design at Polimoda University in Florence, Italy. After working for several Companies as a Shoe Designer and Product Manager, she started her own brand and invented a bracelet for the shoe and developed it for more then 2 years. She was inspired by many cultures and their lifestyle, while living and traveling, through many countries. In cooperation with factories, which still make shoes by hand, she optimized the technique of the Shoebracelet. 
The first collection was made October 2014, for a small group of people to test try the new invention and the capability of the shoe and the shoebracelet together.
Now its finally ready to go for the public to wear it and we present the Fall Winter Collection 17/18.
Italian Artisan Craftsmanship and keeping traditions alive are very important to us. We value good work and high quality. To support and keep this tradition alive we produce and work together with the best factories and tanneries of Tuscany in Italy. 
We believe in the economical support of each other, people who not only do art but live the art of craft.

Our Invention, the Shoebracelet, was Nominated for the German Design Award 2016 in the Category, Excellent Design!

The Shoebracelet in word and design is patented and is a trademark of VALENTINÈ Shoes.
We love Summer and produce every Season, Spring and Summer Shoes. Since the world is round and rotates all the time, there is always summer somewhere! 

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