UTSURO FUNE hollow ship うつろ舟

Grey Sheep


montreal / canada

Main Manufacturing Countries

united states

Behind UTSURO FUNE hollow ship うつろ舟: INSTANT BONSAï, and disposable orchid, are pair of pseudonymous designers.
Distant + Parallel: disposable orchid and INSTANT BONSAï began their growth and discovery, since childhood, all over the world. Exposure to so many cultures, and ways of being, and languages both spoken, and aesthetic, got into their bones in different, but complimentary ways. This is communicated in their work.
They met, when INSTANT BONSAï returned to his place of birth to make home, and disposable orchid left her place of birth to create her home. That home was Canada.
They had pursued fashion, art, music, and design, and combinations of these disciplines, up til then. These separate efforts were exciting, and even fruitful, but unbalanced, until they met in Vancouver. A need to collaborate became obvious, quickly. They created their chosen family, and design partnership, and relocated to Montréal.
INSTANT BONSAï, and disposable orchid pursue art through fashion. They believe that fashion is art, and accessible fashion has lost hold of this fact.

UTSURO FUNE hollow ship うつろ舟 creates minimalist garments, in the form of wearable art, expressing the first phase of the human evolution of clothing. Primal refinement. UTSURO FUNE hollow ship うつろ舟 is driven by the idea that clothing was invented by necessity. The Naked Ape must have fur. Clothing was turned to art by the need to make meaning from need. The Naked Ape must make of himself more than…

UTSURO FUNE hollow ship うつろ舟 [INSTANT BONSAï + disposable orchid] are unwavering in their commitment to limited collections, small textile mills, natural fibres, gentle dyes, handmade, labour fairness, big ideas, and an indestructible creative core.