Uroos jamal

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london / United Kingdom


royal college of art

Graduation year


Born and brought up in New Delhi, India, Uroos Jamal is an upcyclist and designer with a focus on alternative production processes and materials. Through the lens of environment-centric design that includes both people and nature, Uroos perceives any piece of clothing in terms of lifecycles, employment hours, waste consumed and generated and community upliftment. Challenging traditional practices and finding innovative solutions that address both environmental and social issues forms the foundation for her work.

Her work primarily centres on making incremental modifications to well-established and widely accepted production processes and techniques, steering them towards sustainability. She believes that such adjustments can have a greater impact compared to introducing unfamiliar methods that may not be widely known. Her interest in sustainable lifestyles guided her to delve into various aspects of sustainable fashion, exploring alternative materials, production techniques, and design approaches.

As Uroos continues to expand her work, her goal is to create sustainable models that can be replicated in other communities, enabling more people to break free from socioeconomic constraints and lead fulfilling lives

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