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Inspired by the relaxed beauty of Barbados, The Urban Tiger mergers West Indian
culture, music and language with a chic London look. The label designs in focus on the resurrection of the 'Caribbean aesthetic' and developing it as a distintive trend within British fashion. Embracing sustainabitly and eco friendly fashion, the range is a mix of Handmade and Up-Cycled/ customised clothing & accessories. The brand is environmentally aware and always strives for statement over trend.

Shantell Bancroft is a British, North London based designer born to Barbadian parents.
A graduate from UCA ( University For The Creative Arts) in 2004, she studied Fashion Product Innovation. She went on to work in simultaneous roles in 2005-2007 as Fashion /Production Assistant for House Of Fraser luxury womenswear concessions brand Jon Jourrou at Seirra Designs and freelance for the Arcadia Group high street brand Burton Meanswear. In 2009 she continued her experience with Ready To Wear label ChiChia London. Shantell began building her own company in 2009 and established The Urban Tiger in 2011.
Having struggled for many years to find detailed first hand information on how to begin a fashion label,her blog enthusiastically shares her journey, offering up to the minute resources and tips she finds on building a small`start-up' business.

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