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URBAN SENSE is a local, affordable and minimal gender and culturally fluid (sometimes unisex) urban wear label born in 2014 out of the challenges of clothing any body shape and maintaining social and environmental sustainability.

A constant work-in-progress, URBAN SENSE is anti-fashion. Each individual piece is carefully crafted to live and grow on and with you, with special consideration to the unique bodily message(s) you want to convey. Collections also complete and complement one another.

Self-taught Lebanese designer Cynthia Chamat Debbané broke into Beirut’s new wave fashion scene in early 2014.

Growing up as the daughter of a fashion retailer with over 40 years of expertise played a crucial role in her development. Being exposed to designer brands such as Alaia, Gaultier, and Yamamoto, sparked an interest in the anatomical aspect of sophisticated garment creation, be it high-end finishing, textile manipulation and shape (de)construction – the pillars on which her own line is built.

Cynthia’s earlier struggle with weight and her feeling of marginalization by the fashion industry instigated the fierce desire to create URBAN SENSE, an alternative clothing line inclusive of all body types and beauty ideals. What started off as the exclusive showroom for her label, BOUTIQUE HUB. is today the proudly preferential point of sale for over 30 established and emerging Lebanese designers.

In April 2018, Cynthia was one of 7 global designers selected by the British Council in support of Fashion Revolution – the UK-based global NGO – to participate in their Fashion Revolutionaries 2018 campaign. The partnership aims to create positive change in the global fashion industry by highlighting change-makers and activists who are exploring new ways of working which value people, the environment, creativity and profit in equal measure.

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