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UPCYCLED BY LT is a slow fashion initiative in Lithuania aiming to promote sustainable and responsible production, consumption as well as fair trade.
OUR GOAL - continuous development of sustainable fashion oriented commercial and cultural projects as well as professional designs, using scraps and leftovers from Lithuanian industries
OUR MISSION - to encourage designers, manufacturers and consumers to be a part of positive change in the world by making daily choices. OUR VISION - to establish connection between the engaged people whose collaborations would encourage sustainable design elaboration in Lithuania. UPCYCLING - people creating with upcycling principle in mind, aim to create products with a greater responsibility to nature and people and are meant to last longer period of time. COOPERATION - representatives of the Lithuanian fashion industry have made a significant impact on the responsible manufacturing and consumption in both the upcycling projects and the development of sustainable fashion. For the members this is a medium for exchanging ideals for the benefit of the all involved. THINK GLOBALLY, ACT LOCALLY - upcycling projects not only seek to encourage the reuse the of the local excess materials, but also invites to embrace the development of the small sewing businesses. FAIR TRADE - offers customers an alternative to choose high-quality products for a fair trade. ZERO WASTE PRODUCTION - aim to downscale waste volumes in Lithuanian light industries. CONSUMER ENGAGEMENT - the constant customer engagement in the process of design in the way to convey the principles of sustainable consumption, to acquire knowledge of the customers genuine needs and offer an authentic product that no fast-fashion agent can

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