Un_Wearable by Güzin

Black Sheep


vienna / austria

Graduation year


Everything that one sees, whether
consciously or sub-consciously, is usually
perceived in accepted ways
and patterns, from form and shape,
to colours, and functionality.

​Founded in 2014,
the fashion jewellery label
passionately believes that through breaking
up such clichés, any object can be
transformed into a precious ornament.

Even the brand's name is meant as a challenge;
Can the un_wearable become wearable?

Vienna-based jewellery designer
Güzin Deveci-Gröhs’s unique vision is
to realize people’s inherent desire: 
that basic need to express their individuality
through un_obtrusive expressive jewellery.

Working with a vast array of ordinary and 
unconventional materials, 
combined with her boundless imagination,
she creates pieces that are not only stunning
but un_wearable.

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