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london / England


Central asian UNIVERSITY

Graduation year


Alena Stepanova is an AI-fashion designer known for her project ‘UnmadeUnamade’ launched in 2022. In 2023, she made her debut in the world's first AI fashion week, presenting her collection named "Entanglement." Alena's work received recognition from prestigious publications, including Business of Fashion, L'Officiel Monaco, and New York Post, who featured her achievements and designs. ELLE USA also acknowledged her talent, selecting her AI-collection to be showcased in their annual "Future of Fashion" package, highlighting global talents driving the industry's advancement. Alena Stepanova's innovative approach and dedication to merging fashion with technology continue to shape the future of the fashion world. Alena's AI-generated designs artfully blend diverse cultural elements, drawing inspiration from her birthplace in Central Asia. Her creations reflect the richness of her cultural heritage, adding a unique and relatable touch to each fashion piece.

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