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aalto university of art, design & architecture Helsinki

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German-born designer, Linda Förstner is a true urban nomad, whose life and career have led her on various paths across Europe and further. Winner of the Wilhelm-Lorch-Stiftung prize for her Diploma work in fashion, in 2008 Linda visited Finland for what she thought would be a short stay during her master’s studies. However, in awe of the beauty of the city she now calls home, the young designer decided to settle in Helsinki permanently. With a Master Degree in Fashion Design from Aalto University in Helsinki and years of work experience in the field of design at companies such as Preen and H&M she founded UNEINS in 2013.

Inspired by the scenes that line her path – from Scandinavian nature to the urban energies of Helsinki and Berlin, Linda builds UNEINS aesthetic at the balance of familiar and new, classic and avant-garde, thus shaping a memorable brand that delivers unique contemporary elegance.

With headquarters settled in and between Helsinki and Berlin, UNEINS partners exclusively with European suppliers and manufacturers – from the hills of northern Lapland, to the tip of southern Italy. By maintaining proximity and close relationships with its partners, the label integrates the know-how of generations of local family businesses, while supporting the ethics of European working and production standards.

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