Undress Code

Black Sheep


warsaw / poland


Bocconi University

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Undress Code is the idea that recognizes women, their modern lifestyle and values by using only and as much as simplicity.

A modern woman and her ever-changing needs are the core of Undress Code philosophy. In the world full of exaggeration, each of us is looking for a moment for ourselves, free from unnecessary complications and filled with comfort, quality and soothing and delicate sense of artistic taste. Our lingerie is a baseline to create a collection filled with understanding and respect for femininity.

By combining Polish design with top quality French and Italian fabrics, Undress Code creates an unpretentious etiquette of the basic outfit element, highlighting and focusing on the female individuality. This hand-made collection is composed of minimalistic geometric designs that outline the figure and – thanks to their quality and versatility – will be perfect both as lingerie and clothing element.

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