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un-covered (UNCVRD) is a brand that exemplifies modern street wear with bold lines and charming confidence in its collection of stylish wearables. Unpretentious and original, UNCVRD holds firm onto its concept of uncovering new styles and ideas, transforming them into assertive looks teased with versatility and that essential dash of fun.

UNCVRD continually satiates its desire for fresh and bold ideas by embracing the constant facets of quality and workmanship, coupled with the erratic but invigorating changes in fashion styles and designs.An impassioned graduate of Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts with a BA in Fashion Design, Joanne Loh is the vivacious creator and designer of UNCVRD. In addition to her role of designing and sourcing, she also takes on all administrative and managerial duties of the brand. As a multitalented creative, Joanne channels her massive enthusiasm for fashion through UNCVRD where she intends to stamp her brand’s unique designs and philosophies deep into the core of this innovative and capricious industry.

Honest, practical and contemporary, she values quality as much as she values quirky. Joanne is constantly discovering new styles by exploring and redefining cuttings, silhouettes, fabrications and colours. Weaving comfort into UNCVRD ’s sleek and creative garments, Joanne transforms clean lines into elaborately detailed and intricately structured wearables with her immaculate taste for elegant chic and intentional perspectives on fashion.

UNCVRD inspires the sharp, discerning wearers on the street to mix and match their outfits, encouraging an assortment of looks daily without compromising on comfort. UNCVRD is for the trendy and bold; they are unique, different and confident individuals who desire to stand out from the masses. Spirited and never settling for anything lacklustre, UNCVRD’s clients are stylish people with personalities you can’t ignore.

UNCVRD’s collections are made with mainly comfortable cotton knit from Japan and carries sizes ranging from S to XL. With a quiet but immense zest for creative silhouettes and a competitive edge set to impress the industry and its followers, UNCVRD will inspire you to be the curiously confident individual you really are, or maybe even more.

If you want to get in touch with Joanne Loh, drop her a note at joanneloh@uncvrd.com.

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