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UEG is a project designed to play on the concept of consumption, using the language of symbols and icons to remind the wearer of the inconsistency of today’s existence, how everything literally washes off of us.

The name “Usa e Getta,” in Italian means “use and throw away.” It is this premise of desirable objects designed to deteriorate that drives the whole project.


Similarity is characteristic of everything that is.
Everything that is, is similar.
Each of us is similar to someone else.
Do not be solitary, be similar.
A uniform is the image of your similarity.
Your 'I' becomes the image of the uniform.
Others are not other, if you are the same.
Similarity guarantees cleanliness.
Cleanliness is the new love.
Love derives from similarity.
White is the colour of love pure and similar.
White is beautiful.
Beauty is fleeting.
Love is perishable.
White is as fleeting and perishable as beauty and love.
And fades to grey.
Your life is short and fades to grey.
Your life is like the colour white - beautiful, perishable and doomed to fade.
Use it and throw it away.


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