Black Sheep



Long Island City / united states


BFA Parsons The New School for Design

Graduation year


Xuan Cui, a fashion design BFA who graduated from Parsons School of Design in the year 2023, has grown up with a multicultural background (being a member of a Chinese minority group) and has been fortunate to study both arts and science in different cities and abroad (Beijing, Yanji (China), Seoul, London, New York). She gained open-mindedness and appreciation for different thoughts and styles through her rich experiences, guiding her towards the goal of creating pieces that are inclusive and can be appreciated by anyone.

Xuan Cui's greatest passion in design is using color, which is evident through a consistent showcase of a curated palette brimming with vibrant energy. Along with that, she places great emphasis on creating interesting forms, considering the contrast of positive/negative shapes, resulting in designs that give out an unforgettable sense of playfulness.

Looking towards the future, Xuan Cui will continue developing designs that embody a soft and approachable essence, with the aim of uplifting the moods of those who encounter them. Ultimately, her aspiration is for the world to be imbued with warmth and care, reflected in the heartfelt nature of the creations.

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