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tel aviv / israel


Avni Institute of art and design

TWOTONE Ltd Clothing brand was born out of a random meeting between two design students: SHIMON EZEKIEL, industrial designer and ZOHAR KALEV, fashion designer.
One long conversation and a bottle of wine later, we became a couple. Opinionated people as we are we immediately started to influence each other's design processes more and more. When we finished design school each of us opened his dream brand.
Shimon opened EZEKIEL DESIGN and Zohar, TWO TONE, It didn't take long for us to realize that we do things better together so we teamed up under a new brand TWOTONE Ltd

As a studio our desire is to create products that are simple, accurate and elegant, as we always strive to improve and extend our range of operation by cooperating with designers from other disciplines.

The future looks bright and the possibilities are endless. Our studio is constantly growing and with it our dreams. We would like to take this opportunity and invite anyone who wants to dream and grow with us to contact us and hopefully we'll be able to make our dreams come true together.

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