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Two of Most is a jewelry collection that embodies tough luxe and thoughtful design. Fashioned in the highest quality, Two of Most is everyday luxury for the discerning eye.

Two of Most pays homage to our grandmother, a jewelry aficionado whose personal credo was “every woman should have one of everything and two of most.”

Two of Most transforms the wearer into stylist. This made-in-NY collection is designed for the woman building a jewelry wardrobe that reflects her evolving tastes and fluidity in personal style. Sold individually and in sets, the jewelry is designed to be layered together or styled with existing pieces, inviting unexpected combinations.

Rendered in high-polish14 karat yellow gold, the jewelry challenges the wearer to accessorize three dimensionally. Graduated sets and customizable suites are emotive and dramatic, while maintaining a sophisticated subtlety totally unique to the brand.

Designer Alyssa Mishcon has amassed unmatched experience in luxury goods working as a Senior Executive and President of multiple fashion and accessories brands. Her passion for evocative, personal jewelry that defies expectation is redefining what luxury looks like.

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