Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london south bank university

The idea for TwentyFour was born in 2014, and the initial concept behind the label was to create something simple but effective. Modern day living is fast pace and complex, I wanted to take the added worry of fitting in with fashion away for women. I don't believe that style is keeping up with the latest trends, fashion moves fast so it is impossible to keep up, having style is something that is completely different. Style is determined by the individual who is wearing the garments, how they wear them and in what way they make them their own, to me that is the essence of fashion. The designs in the first collection are reflective of this ethos, I have taken classic pieces and wardrobe staples and develop them in to clothes for modern day, but always keeping the element of timelessness in mind.The garments are easily styled in a way that suits you as an individual. Every stage of the process is carefully considered from the first design, to the fabric selection, to the final pieces.

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