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As a Designer, my ideas are inspired by growing up in Uganda, in a typical African extended family. These ideas have become more refined and coherent in my adult life, after traveling to many parts of the world (Kenya, China, USA, etc). The impressions and perceptions merge into my life, making me a designer, a curator who expresses intangible notions into real life ideas in form of clothes. Now, this does not mean that my aesthetic is rigid, in fact, I want to be as inclusive in my ideas as possible so as to tackle a much larger audience. I want to connect with the world through my design, personality, and perceptions of the world as it has been presented to me. I have grown to know myself as one filled with adventure and curiosity, this made travel to so many countries to experience life in other peoples perspectives and fill in gaps to questions that I have had about the world. Being born of many children, I am able to connect with different people from different walks of life sharing similar fears, expectations, and instincts about life. This has shaped how I think as a creative in a so ever dynamic global village of a world we live in. Having pursued a career in International Relations, I realized that my utopian ideas as a naive graduate could not make the change that I needed to see in my world. Learning the bureaucracy involved in making vital changes to well the being of humanity, I was disillusioned and confused about the world. Additionally, the patriarchal society in which I was raised
did not make my vision of making a world a better place any easier. That is when I knew that I had to do something much more pragmatic and empowering to women, those they nurture and future generations to come. This modeled my way of thinking as a designer. It made me be a designer for a purpose, which is to empower women, young girls, and mothers of our world through my ideas of expression by clothing. I want to be part of a growing feminist world, breaking boundaries by dressing our image to something more empowering through confidence and self-esteem. I design for women that want to break notions, women that have been labeled by stereotypes that have nothing to do with them. My design is to bring the world together by creating sustainable clothing that is thoughtfully made with caution to those involved at all stages of production. My vision as Creative Director of my brand is to make a product that socially and psychologically elevates everyone involved in the process. Enabling an engine that offers revenue, value and sustainability.

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