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Black Sheep


berlin / germany


accademia di belle arti di brera

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The story of TT label begins in 2010, unintentionally, like the most fascinating stories usually do start. When in one gloomy December day, designer Tanja Topolovec sent one of her designs to competition held by one Croatian online
magazine, she didn’t expect that it would cause such a sensation like it did or receive great critics.

This has urged for creating of her own labour of love, TT, where she could combine her past and current interests in visual art with her vision of fashion. Therefore, TT accessory line is the fusion of different fields where designer is exploring her talents, such as multimedia, sculpture or textile design.

As perfectionist, designer’s eternal statement is to demand the multi-purpose of designs, and its different dimensions. So, it’s not just about the garment, hat or necklace and its determined form. The story of TT is the story of experiment atypical from ordinary fashion story that has just interest in wearable. It’s the story of sleepless nights and requirements to go beyond the personal limits and established rules in designing. It’s also the story of surprises, since it usually begins on vague mornings on flea markets where designer is wandering for treasure pieces that are enough flawless to turn into fait d’art. It’s the story where additional efforts to supply materials that will fit into philosophy of fair and guilt-free fashion, is far away from burden. It’s the story of uncountable hours spent in applying feathers, furs or embroidering hundreds of beads. It’s the story where magic creates reality from vision.

TT collections brings the enchanting tales of recycled fur, leather and beads transformed into unique headdresses. These walking leather sculptures have great accent on detail, whether is fur trimming or beading or it’s playing with leather patches. Lavish but with edge, each piece of headwear is unique and made with special care and patience.

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