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Tengku Syahmi (born May 6, 1990) is an internationally recognized award-winning Malaysian fashion designer, granted by MIFA for the '2009 Most Promising Designer.'

He launched Tsyahmi, and affordable luxury brand offering ready-to-wear and bespoke tailoring for both men and women in 2013.
Having previously served as a co-principle designer, alongside Jonathan Liang at Kuala Lumpur/ Shanghai-based "sustainable collective" fashion label, ULTRA- this initiative supports ethical fashion standard and has succeeded in a Kickstarter-backed project. Showcased in Paris, London and Asian Fashion Weeks and has stockists in Europe, Asia and the Pacific.

Actively involved in many significant enterprises in the Malaysian fashion industry: a panel judge for two-consecutive years in a row for EcoKnights 'Anugerah Hijau' 2011 and 2012, also for iStyle KLIA 2012.

Costume Designer for numerous TVC and motion-picture, namely:
• 2016 for multiple internationally recognized award-winning short film, "RM10," produced by FIXI / ENTROPY.
• 2013 for Wall Street Journal reviewed, "I EAT KL," a fashion-food-drama produced by Fried Chilies Media Bhd subsidiary expansion of FriedChilies Food Network, an information sharing restaurant-guide website.
• 2013 for a music video titled, "Youth" by Auburn, an award-winning motion picture recognized by MFDA 2013 for; "Best Digital Music Video" and "Best Computer-Generated Innovation."

Tengku Syahmi is an advocate towards the sustainability of the future garment-making in Kuala Lumpur.