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Tribe was founded in 2016 by the brand’s designer Napassawan Indrapiromkul whose mission stems from her passion for individual expression. Its fundamental concept is based on merging of history and culture whereby the brands innovative footwear designs have originated. By means of the artifacts shapes and substances that have traversed a vast cultural diversity through several eras, Tribe seeks to unveil their eclectic mysteries and introduce new associations of taste by virtues of experimenting with such mythical elements. It is of paramount importance to Tribe that each design unravels the designer’s traveling experiences and conveyed emotions as the free-spirited dreamer and a true cosmopolitan.

Over the past two years, Indrapiromkul and her partner Chaiporn Phuangmalee have endured tremendously to learn and develop Tribe products from their customers feedback to build a resolute community in the domestic market and finding an optimal balance between design and handicraft is vital. As creator of sensational female contemporary footwear, to become a true fashion phenomenon. Tribe will continue to raise its potential in footwear design and in devising a powerful entity of its own in pursuit of expanding the brand’s passion to a global scale.

Tribe has divided its products into two main shoe lines: The Luxury Collection, which is the exclusive line and The Economy Collection, which is the main line. The Luxury Collection was essentially created for the expression of the true Tribe soul through the use of exotic materials by implementing Italian craftsmanship that in effect, serves to supply a wide range of customers to infinitely explore our boundless creations. The Economy Collection, on the other hand, introduces Tribe to the world with its innovative styles at an accessible price point. The Collection’s range of items are crafted by local artisans here in Thailand and hence this main line serves to promote growth and sustainability of the local community.

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