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Designer Renan Serrano presents his V unissex collection which references Brazilian architecture and the aesthetic heritage of colonization. Collection is built around moulages and prints inspired by the characteristic gated buildings of São Paulo, prints that acquire the sensitivity and transparency of a modern savoir-faire of the burnout technique. T-shirts have internal tailoring details, with English seams and internal silk bias. His creative process is based on the laws of gestalt, which he aims to continuously integrate in his work, alongside the intricate linkages of minimalism and profusion, simplicity and complexity. This process is achieved with moulage and the exploration of techniques that are still unfamiliar to the present day market. With an emphasis on originality, subjectivity and creative independence, inspiration is found in the contributions of romanticism, exploring all its means, rejecting rationality and favouring the feelings associated to creation.
Trendt did two runway presentations in Casa de Criadores but the designer stopped at the second one to focus on his last year of studies at Santa Marcelina. At that time, the designer decided to study the creative peculiarity process of a wide range of designers and later wrote his final thesis on his own creative process envolving conceptual runway shows and the consequent development of a comercial collection. The thesis was recognized by the academy now he come part of the academic council to recognize potential graduate students. With a restless gaze always looking for the new, the brand caught the attention of editors from ELLE Brazil and is part of the selection of the Hot Spot Movement for São Paulo Fashion Week. The designer believes that Brazil is the perfect location when it comes to looking for references. His main goal is to overthrow the stereotype of the 'Brazilian look', all the while knowing that worldwide eyes are watching
Brazil. He thinks that globalization compels the understanding of consumption trends, and the creation and development
of a product that can inspire respect on all continents. That is the route taken each and every day by the designer and it can be observed in the fifth commercial collection. In Brazil, Trendt is sold in over twenty top multi brand concept stores, Copacabana Palace Hotel and on all the high end national online retailers. The brand was a bestseller at Surface To Air when the space was multi brand and Le Bon Marché praised the universal value of Trendt products. Today, the brand has a loyal clientele, and a following composed of heavyweights like TV Globo, Beyoncé's producer, and Universal Music Japan, all of whom view the brand's pieces as respectable and collectible items. TrendT has a team of over 20 working craftsmen that produce all pieces in hand limited edition. Important part of the process occurs in testing even in weaving mills with yarn choices and mixes of new material in addition to minunciosos and long developments of modeling, where the main objective is to create sensitive shapes and cuts that favor the new consumer who comes popping up increasingly strong demand for slow fashion and pieces made with more attention and affection. In a large shed with over 500m2 and specialized machinery, are produced only 2 pieces per hour, the speed gives way to quality, this is our major premise. Laser cuts, finishes and constant testing with new wires and new techniques for printing Brazilian. All parts without exception, pass by the hand of its creator, Renan Serrano, who one by one hand sewing labels composition and brand, also made manually within the company. The concern with all stages of the process is constant, so there is the requirement that all materials and workmanship are 100% Brazilian. We are always in search of a DNA that never sound obvious, the colors give way to timelessness of black and white, sensuality is on the transparencies, the sinuosity of each piece and how each fabric wears the body of the consumer.

Latest Collection

Latest Collection