Too Damn Expensive

Grey Sheep


oslo / norway



Graduation year


Too Damn Expensive is a new contemporary Scandinavian brand established in 2014. The brand encapsulates an intelligent sense of design with timeless and luxurious pieces. Collections are subtle yet strong with sharp tailoring and fit. A lot of the garments can be worn in different ways, so you will have several garments in one. They are also usually in the same fabric so it is easy to layer or combine the garments together to achieve a monochrome look. The collections are non-season and together with the combination of classic colors, versatility, quality and timeless design - the garments are made to last. For the recent collections most of the garments are made in the fabric tencel/lyocell. It is an incredible silky and soft fabric, which is sustainably regenerated from wood cellulose and is one of the most environmental friendly regenerated fabrics.