Grey Sheep


utrecht / netherlands


hku university of the arts utrecht

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A new designer duo emerged from a joint affinity with fashion accessories and a fascination for material experiment. Wies Adrianow graduated from the The Hague university of applied sciences - industrial product design engineering (2007) and recently graduated from HKU university of the arts Utrecht - product design (2013) and Tomas Kroes graduated HKU university of the arts Utrecht - product design (2013) and is currently studying at the Dutch Shoe Academy, have found each other during their study in Utrecht. After doing a number of collaboration projects during their product design course they decided to join forces in the summer of 2014. With as outcome the VAAL collection presented during the DDW 2014 in Eindhoven.

Because they complement each other in approach, ideas and designs they achieve exciting combinations and they can form a complete look. From concept to prototype to the commercialization and production of their products and sales in the store. Looking for the meaning of this collaboration as designer duo, they are curious about how their products and label will evolve in the future.

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