Toi et Moi

Black Sheep


Latina / italy


i.e.d. istituto europeo design

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Toi et Moi is an Italian brand of fashion jewelry and accessories created in 2010 by the designer Mara De Longis.
Mara began her career in 1996 as accessory designer and, in a few years, she worked for the most important Italian brands.

Since the first capsule of only ten pieces, Mara expressed in Toi et Moi jewelry her personal creative vision researching a new and recognizable stylistic code.

Through a journey into an imaginary world, in a constant game of materials, the Toi et Moi aesthetics represents an intersection of tradition and modernity. From Surrealism to Deco, ethnic atmosphere and dreamlike suggestions blend in unique pieces in which the handcrafted essence becomes essential peculiarity.

The collections come to life combining past and future, tradition and irony, in a constant dialogue between the vision and the creative object.

In this continuous becoming, the Toi et Moi collection gets rich with other accessories that explore shirts and leather world.

The union, meant as a fusion of different elements and symbol of Toi et Moi philosophy, becomes essential feature of the stylistic research.

The fine Italian handmade shirts join the jewelry, creating a unique style.
Named ‘chemilier’, as union of ‘chemise’ and ‘collier’, this new creative object becomes part of a new collection developed into different fabrics.

Cotton and silk meet feathers and sparkling rhinestones.
In the constant research of new creative expressions and with the know-how built year after year, Mara looks for a new artistic vision in leather goods.

The leather, cut in one piece, meets the Toi et Moi jewels creating a capsule of clutch bags in two different sizes with a combination of colors.

Since 2012 Toi et Moi presents two collections a year during Paris fashion week at Tranoi Femme and since 2015 at White Show during Milan fashion week.

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