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Tisja Damen is a lingerie fashion designer specialized in handcrafted patchwork lingerie and draped silhouettes.
Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Bachelor Degree in Fashion Design, graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2013.
‘I have the urge to bewilder people again, to astonish them in a way only art seems to be able to do to some nowadays’
Although successfully graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, Tisja Damen is eager to keep on creating on her own lingerie collections. As she craves a passionate love for lingerie, but also because she has stories to tell. Every collection is a new story, an astonishing one.
Tisja Damen believes that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Anything said to be ugly has just not yet found itself a fair eye.
She seeks for an aesthetic, for beauty. But she seeks for the innate kind of beauty, where there are flaws and distortions. Where there is transformation, where there is life. So she seeks for distortion in something’s nature: to expose it and interpret beauty anew.
With her pieces, Tisja Damen wants to evoke a feeling within the woman wearing it. The feelings of an innate kind of beauty and free sense of sensuality. And of course to retain that feeling and experience it every time you wear Tisja Damens lingerie.
All Tisja Damens lingerie designs are an interesting combination between…
Intelligence, movement, allure and aesthetic pleasure.
The way her concept and collection come together, combined with a creative feeling for material, drape and handcraft is what distinguishes her from others. The story behind the collection means everything to Tisja Damen. That’s why she ties them to each other so eagerly. With the use of lace from sample books, old lingerie collected from markets or from visits in cities, she built a certain collection of extraordinary and very different types of lace and materials. Combining these different qualities together, showing skin through elegant openings, thinking of certain lines, hand stitch details and special finishing’s is how she creates her patchwork design element in lingerie and draped silhouettes.
The technique of patchwork is her handwriting.
Text written with
Valerie Catharina Kloppers

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