Tipay Caintic

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manila / philippines


sofa design institute

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Tipay Caintic is a clothes designer from the Philippines. She is based in Manila and frequently flies to Tacloban City, her hometown, to collaborate with Kamay ni Nanay (https://www.instagram.com/kamayninanay/).
Kamay ni Nanay (Mum’s Hands) is a pet project since 2015 that enables rural, unemployable mothers and typhoon survivors to earn for their families through hand knitting & crocheting.
As a designer and a young entrepreneur in a developing country, it is Tipay’s goal to establish sustainable and fair production practices and encourage the refinement of skill and craft among makers.
Her mainline namesake is a prêt-à-porter line for women. An independent, urban lady with a city life wears Tipay Caintic. She has a healthy appreciation for old school and classic silhouettes that work and she’s never uncomfortable. She has a sense of humour and doesn’t take herself too seriously.
Tipay Caintic has presented her collections in London Fashion Week, Manila Fashion Festival and Manila FAME.
She graduated in 2012 from SoFA Design Institute with a Fashion Design scholarship. The designer is a Fine Arts Bachelor’s Degree holder majoring in Visual Communication from the University of the Philippines. She was a scholar and was schooled to be a scientist in the Philippine Science High School.
She has worked as an art director at an ad agency, a stylist for commercials, production designer and special effects make-up artist. With Tipay Caintic’s heterogeneous artistic background, her designs explore textures, art prints, innovative and unconventional material. Her designs are, without fail, always cheeky.
Bespoke work for both men and women is available upon request and caters to clients from Manila, Singapore, Qatar, London, New Zealand, New York and California.

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