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Virginie Dreyer, creator of TinyOm, was – in what now seems another lifetime – a lawyer in Paris. It was her family circumstances that brought her to the Middle East, where she has been able to explore her creative desires.

She trained in graphic art and design and, seduced by the art and craftsmanship of local goldsmiths in Bahrain, her adopted home, she began to visualize creating a line of jewellery. Virginie wanted to create something with symbolic value and meaning, something that reflects her desire for purity, simplicity and beauty, something that would help keep her grounded in what is real. And here comes tinyOm: precious, poetic fine jewellery with a protective purpose.

TinyOm is named after the Om mantra, which celebrates the birth of the universe, imitating its original vibration. TinyOm jewellery carries this sacred chant as a soft caress on the skin, each piece designed as a talisman, weaving a precious link between soul and world.

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