Timna Weber

Grey Sheep


amsterdam / netherlands


Sandberg Instituut

Graduation year


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Timna Weber is an Austrian Slovenian textile and fashion designer with roots in Paris, Amsterdam, and London. Inspired by abstract art, she creates assemblages that blend materials, techniques and styles. Sustainably hand-dyed and hand-knitted, each piece is designed to be able to be transformable, leaving the possibility for future design alterations and a continuous use-phase..

Timna has recently completed her Master’s at the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam. For the past two years, her focus has been researching and specializing in design techniques that enable continuous design alterations and allow for easy transformation into new shapes: few seams, fewer pieces, abstract shapes and special techniques enabling the exchange or addition of new elements to the garment. With the launch of her label, Timna proposes a new design system, challenging the wasteful approach that is the norm today. Timna sees clothing as starting points rather than finished products, and treats customers as collaborators, giving them the opportunity to come back to her when change is needed or wanted.

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