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Tillmann Lauterbach was born on the 20th of July 1977 in Bonn, Germany and raised in Ibiza until the age of seven. He graduated as a designer and patterncutter from the ESMOD fashion college in 2003 and was awarded 'best womenswear designer'. The Tillmann Lauterbach label was set up in 2005 and has since presented a collection every season. What is unique about the Tillmann Lauterbach brand is its special attention to texture and materials. Tillmann has a very hands on approach to designing. Constantly inspired by the textures of the world around him, he finds treasures in the ordinary. He is a keen observer of how objects are worn and used around him. TL Menswear Since the boom in menswear Tillmann Lauterbach is one of the international newcomers shaping the face of Paris menswear. The 'new elegance' has described by the designer is a casual look, comfortable with wide but tailored silhouettes held in natural tones. Comfort for the customer but with both attitude and style, the feeling of being dressed for all occasions. The designs offer a unique cloth with refined details which offers the feeling of possessing something special. Tillmann's personal artwork and installations fuse into his work has a fashion designer. Through this crossrange between Design, Art and Patterncutting new techniques are adopted and fuse into the construction of the cloth. The intention and aesthetic behind the brand is to create ready to wear products with the luxury and uniqueness of couture pieces.

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