They ARE

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sofia / bulgaria

They ARE

Founded in 2016 by Martina Bonev & Hristina Chekova.
They ARE is an independent fashion label dedicated to style, aesthetics and femininity.
United by our interest in fashion and art, we created a small design studio. In which every client has the opportunity to peer into the atmosphere where the whole work process takes place.Our studio has a showroom and a work area.
Recognize that we are always ready to work on something new and strive to give all of ourselves to achieve perfection.

"They ARE" is brand with a mission.
We strive to inspire and help women in all shapes and sizes in their pursuit of confidence and self-expression. We appreciates women as "They ARE", no matter their shape, size, age, race or occupation.
We believe that our clothes will help women to express their inner beauty.
We breathe life of our clothes, through skillful play of different textures and proper fabric selection.
An important part of our collections are hand-knit items.
The concept of “ They ARE ” includes extensive research of all seasonal trends.