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tHERAPY Recycle and Exorcise is a sustainable and alternative, gender-free, season-free and size-free fashion project based in Berlin, Germany and in Córdoba, Argentina, ran since 2012 by two sisters separated by the Atlantic Ocean, but united by this passion, Paula and Mariángeles Aguirre.

Mariángeles studied Journalism, Photography and Communication and Paula studied Advertising and Fashion Design. Paula is based in Argentina and Mariángeles in Berlin since 2004. Therapy was founded by Mariángeles in Berlin in 2012.

We produce sustainable fashion via D.I.Y. Our aim is to re-connect fashion with self expression and environmental awareness in opposition to its actual condition as dissatisfaction and consumerism generator, and second most polluting industry in the world. We are lovers of (re)design and authenticity.

We promote unique fashion with an accent on authenticity and uniqueness, but also consciousness and sustainability. Giving back to fashion its capacity to experiment, discover and communicate something about us, to enhance our uniqueness as individuals, fashion becomes empowering. We describe our fashion with the words EMPOWERING SUBCOUTOURE and ALTERNATIVE UPCYCLING.

We create all kind of pieces, blurring the line that divides accessories and clothing pieces, inspired by urban subcultures like punk, glam rock, rock, Schwarze Scene and BDSM. Our raw material are vintage pieces of clothing, discarded textiles and accessories of good quality, from earlier decades, as well as other material discards.

What others might consider waste, we consider it a treasure that can be up-cycled, upgraded, and brought to new life. We rework, reinvent and customise the pieces according to our personal style and preferences, which becomes the brand style.


We do upcycling with a fetish and punk touch. Upcycling means taking second hand or discarded materials and turn them into something different, more beautiful, more useful. Simply better. It is like recycling but without completely destroying the piece to do something new. Rather improving it.

What distinguishes and differentiate us is our style. We love audacity, boldness and transgression because we believe they are an opportunity for individuals and societies to evolve. While sustainable fashion is in general minimalistic and conservative we are inspired by fetish, kinky, punk and glam-rock aesthetics. On the other hand, most of kinky or fetish clothes in the market are low quality, produced under dubious working conditions with a big environmental impact. We are not only sustainable, but also affordable. We are an ALTERNATIVE to low quality clothes, to clothes that look all the same and to unaffordable fashion. tHERAPY MEANS EMPOWERING SUBCOUTOURE + ALTERNATIVE UPCYCLING.

We produce thematic capsule collections two times a year, for the fashion shows we take part. In the past, we have been part of shows and events as Berlin Alternative Fashion Week, Bread & Butter, ADF - Argentina Diseña Futuro. But we are working on new pieces to provide our stockists in Argentina and Europe all year round.


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