Thaddaeus Timothy

Grey Sheep


new york / united states


fashion institute of technology (FIT) new york.

Thaddaeus Timothy studied menswear design at F.I.T. While in school he began making bow ties. He sold a dozen baby size bow ties to the first store he walked into and was immediately mentioned on Shorty after the bowties were for sale in Soho and all across Brooklyn, where he continues to design and hand make each item. After just one year in business Thad was selected by Mayor Bloomberg for a special program called Design Entrepreneurs NYC that F.I.T claims to be "MFA in Fashion Design". As an effort to save money on fabric the birth of the sheet shirt happened when he made a shirt out of his cousins old Ninja Turtles bed sheets. The shirt was so popular he showcased 15 menswear looks all made from vintage bed sheets at the Tesla style night event during NYC Fashion Week, back to back with the Eco Fest fashion show in Time Square that showcased mens and boys sheet shirts and bow ties. The New York Times recently covered Thad and the sheet shirts in the Sunday Style section. At the age of 28 Thad is currently the youngest tailor ever to be employed at Saks fifth Ave in NYC.