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Everything starts with a dream and when the dream is fulfilled, it becomes a reality sewn with threads of fantasy. The root of a dream stands in your own desire. My desire is to revive beauty merged with sparkles of joy in people and to rediscover the simplicity of life through urban clothing. Furthermore, to offer people the freedom we all crave for, as an absolution from the social restraints. This freedom lies in each of us and we only need to look inside and let it breathe. This is the idea behind Teyxo. I want people to feel comfortable with what they wear and to find the joy mingled with elegance at every step. I believe in the unique style of every person, that is why I like to explore the playful behavior of colors, forms and cuts. Moreover, I strongly believe that every piece of clothing should have that exquisite personal touch of the designer, that is then fulfilled by the extraordinary personality of the customer. That is why, I prefer doing custom made clothing, as a celebration of haute-couture.

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