Tessa Packard London

Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


edinburgh University

Graduation year


Founded in April 2013, Tessa Packard London is the eponymous jewellery label by London-based founder and creative director Tessa Packard.

Tessa’s approach to jewellery is is two-fold: to create contemporary, wearable pieces for all ages, but equally to create pieces rich in context and design integrity for the stylish, modern woman who dreams of timeless jewellery driven by strong, narrative playfulness. Each bi-annual collection is inspired by a theme – whether it be architectural, conceptual or historical – and this provides the creative backdrop from which each piece is conceived. Each product in a collection aims to stand out from the next but equally be understood as part of a narrative whole.

Tessa Packard London also assists its clients with the production of bespoke jewellery, whatever the specifications and regardless of whether help is needed at just the design stage or solely with the manufacture. Consultations are held with Tessa herself, who translates ideas into hand-drawn design for approval before personally overseeing production from start to finish. For further information regarding Tessa Packard London’s bespoke jewellery service, or to schedule a consultation with Tessa, please e-mail tessa@tessapackard.com.

Finally, Tessa is a fervent believer in the ‘home-made’; all her jewellery is manufactured and hand finished by workshops in the UK.

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