Tess Whitfort

Grey Sheep



melbourne / Australia


Box Hill Institute of Technology

Graduation year


Tess Whitfort is a Melbourne based Sustainable fashion designer and 2018 winner of the Redress Design Award, which is the largest sustainable fashion design competition in the world. she specialises in zero waste pattern cutting, upcycling, and circular design. Tess also won the 2017 Melbourne Fashion Week Student Emerging Designer Award and the 2017 Box Hill Institute Degree Student of the Year Award. Tess launched her first retail collection at the beginning of this year in collaboration with sustainable Hong Kong based brand The R Collective. The collection is created using textile waste and zero waste pattern cutting techniques and aims to disrupt and reimagine the way we design, make, and sell clothing. Tess is also featured in sustainable fashion documentary Frontline Fashion which is currently streaming on YouTube. Tess is now preparing to launch her own fashion label, called pendulum studios. the brand is focussed on creating new solutions to sustainability problems, incorporating technology and establishing circular system through eliminating waste, upcycling existing waste, and using biodegradable fabrics and garment components. Tess strives to create clothing that doesn’t harm people, animals, or the environment while maintaining her signature edgy streetwear style. She’s inspired by counterculture and the idea that being a total badass and a good person aren’t mutually exclusive.

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