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new york / united states


Art institue Of Philadelphia

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At a point in time where everyone in the Y Generation wants to either be a model, photographer, rapper/singer, or fashion designer, Terrelle Terrelle refuses to jump on the bandwagon. Instead, it is intent on creating fashion that will endure far into the future.
Terrelle Terrelle is a clothing line started by two young men, Alex Baril, 23, and Terrence Ferguson, 29. In 2010 while working for Uniqlo in Soho, New York, the young men met and two years later in 2012, Alex approached Terrence with the idea of launching their own clothing line – the rest is history.

Terrelle Terrelle produces high fashion designs at prices accessible to consumers of all income levels. Terrelle Terrelle appeals to a wide range of styles and demographics; from trendy streetwear enthusiasts to young professionals looking to test the limits of the office dress code.
Our business is unique because we don't only produce garments based on trends, we have a strong sense of history, exclusivity and cultural awareness. Although our product has a distinct aesthetic, it is not geared toward just one audience.
We challenge our customers to step outside of the box. Our strength lies in our ability to be versatile. Our product reveals different aspects of our customers personalities.
Our company provides customers with the option of trendy,sophisticated and forward pieces. We offer comfortable, chic and trendy active wear pieces in order to provide variety . Our garments are a reflection of handmade patterns constructed to fit well and tailored to compliment all body types.

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