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Teller is an emerging contemporary clothing label based between London and Rajasthan.

Launched by Megan Sharkey, designer and previous managing director of London luxury label Phoebe English, who is working with charity IPHD India based in rural Rajasthan.

Sustainability isn’t a vague notion at Teller; the sale of an item of clothing means well paid work for the women making it, which means she is able to slowly transform her situation and earn financial independence and social confidence. Teller is working with a group of women who are vulnerable to poverty, and not only providing work but skills training in order to empower them with the resources to rise above it.

The clothing is about respecting the traditions of regional Indian hand craft and embroidery but modernising it in a new way. The pieces are distinctly not vintage, the aim was to work with the rich culture embedded in the North Indian area in a way that is relevant to how we dress today.

The pieces are available for wholesale and private orders.

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