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teenie Bleu is a Hong Kong based fashion label founded in 2017 with a mission of uplifting our clientele a certain confidence in wearing our products. It is feminine and poetic by executing sophisticated inspiration with a contemporary aesthetic. teenie Bleu is signature in creating high quality wearable and exciting knitwear for women.

teenie Bleu is named after Teenie Ngan, founder and creative director. The surname “Ngan” means “Colour” in Chinese. Teenie takes her signature blue as the brand prominent colour palette. Blue is revealed in her every collection – from “To Be, or Not To Be” (Knitwear Symphony Collection in 2015) and “LEVIATHAN” (Graduation Collection in 2015), to her first de luxe ready-to-wear capsule collection “ c ”.

teenie Bleu是2017年成立的香港時裝品牌。品牌的宗旨是要令每一位穿著我們產品的女性都因著自身的美麗而提升自信。teenie Bleu 擅長用當代的美學詮釋複雜抽象的靈感,展現出女性化和富有詩意的設計風格。創造出令女士穿著舒適,而且對此感到興奮的高品質的針織系列是teenie Bleu的標誌性產品。

teenie Bleu取名源於創辦人及設計師Teene Ngan的姓名。 Ngan (顏) 中文可解作顏色,於是品牌以Teenie標誌性的藍調作為設計的重點顏色。過往的設計系列皆以藍色作為主色調 ― 由 “To Be, or Not To Be” (毛織大匯演系列 2015) 、“LEVIATHAN” (畢業系列 2015) 到第一個高級成衣膠囊系列 “ c “。

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