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Taylor is a highly respected New Zealand fashion brand that fosters individual creativity and experimentation while still ensuring incredible wearability.
The boutique brand taylor was established by designer Vicki Taylor in 1999 for the time challenged woman.
At taylor we strive to create beautiful current pieces in amazing fabrics and textural combinations that empower the women who wear them. Our taylor design ethic is strongly influenced by architectural line and geometric dimensions that are juxtaposed against fluid shapes to soften the silhouette to create a unique and personal expression.
taylor puts great emphasis on high quality tailoring, fabrication and attention to detail. Frequent trips to Europe and Japan allow Vicki to source high quality, leading edge textiles from some of the best mils in the world.
Set in a boutique fashion environment in central Auckland, she ensures that garments are limited edition (not mass produced); made from the best fabrics and finished with flair.
The problem of what to wear and how to wear it can be an enormous pressure for the busy woman of today. Through personalized in-store styling experiences, taylor takes the confusion out of dressing. By matching complimentary moods and personalities and creating individual outfits for its clients, taylor makes creating a seasonal wardrobe something to look forward to.
The taylor woman is an educated, independent thinker and is often the decision maker in her everyday environment. She has a social conscience and believes in brands that do what they say. She has no time for falsity. It is important for her to look good, both at work and home and while she likes to acknowledge current fashion trends and silhouettes, she also wants enduring pieces that will transcend the seasonal changes and speak of a sophisticated and intellectual personal style.
Taylor is fully designed and manufactured in New Zealand and is a strong supporter of the local New Zealand manufacturing industry.

Our Vision:
At taylor, we strive to empower women to be individual and creative through inspired New Zealand design and styling experiences.

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