Grey Sheep


london / United Kingdom


london college of fashion

Graduation year


We are currently creating and living within our own dystopia. moving towards the uncertain whilst looking in and watching ourselves as if for pleasure.

“ We demand that art turns into a life-changing force. We will sing to the infinity of the present and abandon the illusion of a future.” Franco Berardi

I am greatly inspired by the ideas and concepts surrounding the future and how to translate this into forms.
With my first collection ‘Crystallography’ I wanted to portray the feeling of the dystopian future. Using extracts from the short story ‘The illuminated man’ by J.G Ballard, where crystals continue to grow to the point of extinction of all species, I felt compelled to create the mixture of beauty and disaster.
By creating my own fabrics through a mixture of felting, dying and excessive beading it brought me closer to an idea not completely recognizable.
In helping to portray this I also use unexpected materials within my work to add depth, another dimension; such as resin, silicone and hand grown crystals.

Latest Collection